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Holiday Breaks are “Breaks” for Faculty, Too

First day back after Thanksgiving break was great–mainly because I got to hole up in my office and hammer out what I consider to be excellent (ok, one excellent and one so-so) lectures for tomorrow’s classes.  And I feel good (ok, so-so) about that.  But tomorrow I know it will happen.  I will no sooner step into the classroom tomorrow than a student will ask the question I’m dreading: “Have you graded our projects?”

Ah, sweet students.  Most deserving students.  No, no, no.  No!  No, I have not graded your projects.  Thanksgiving is an American family holiday.  I am an American.  I spent it with my family.  It’s an official university…nay, country-wide…holiday.

So I offer my sincere apologies to those students who have a difficult time believing that professors are people too.  And I offer my sincerest thanks to the students who understand and have a modicum of patience.

Carpe holiday breaks.

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